Our tours are carried out in high-end vehicles, with 9 seats and air conditioning, and whenever possible, in a 5 seatter luxury car.

Our tours are currently available in English and Portuguese.


Our full-day Tours are lunch included at partner restaurants (except Valet Tour) with specific meal menus that include meat or fish. In the event that one or more vegetarian meals are required please let us know in advance so we can arrange. In case you want a dish or drink different from the previously agreed menu, the customer must pay the surplus value directly to the restaurant.  The meals are the responsibility of our restaurants in partnership, in case of unavailability, Travel Domain Porto is responsible for providing alternative at no additional cost.


Free until 4 years and 50% discount from 5 to 12 years.


Our Douro Tour includes a 1 hour boat trip on the Douro River, this tour is the responsibility of the tour operator in question. Whenever this is unavailable, (for meteorological reasons or any other order) the boat trip will be replaced by a visit to another wine producing farm with wine tasting, so that our client is never harmed.


If cancellation is made 7 days in advance of the stipulated departure, no cancellation fee will be applied. In the case of canceling between 3 to 6 days of the scheduled date has a 50% fee. If you cancel In the last 48 hours before the program has a rate of 100%.


All Listed values are per person except our Valet Tour where the price is given per car. These same prices do not include any extra fees or meals that are not specified in the description.

All doubts and questions not mentioned in this registry, need clarification from the Administration through email: